4 holiday appetizer recipes you’ll love

4 holiday appetizer recipes you’ll love

If you’re hosting a holiday party in the coming weeks, you’re probably planning a delicious, festive menu for your guests. Many winter gatherings involve small bites instead of a large meal, which means putting together a list of delicious apps that will taste great, please a crowd and complement any drinks you’re serving. You may also be invited to a holiday potluck, which means coming up with something exciting to share with friends and family.

It’s time to break out your merriest, most delicious recipes. We’ve rounded up four ideas to help you get started. If you have any other favourites, please share a recipe or recipe link in the comments on Facebook—we’d be glad to see what you’re cooking up this holiday season.

Bacon-wrapped dates

Sweet, savoury and delicious—we love these bacon-wrapped dates! They’re rich and indulgent, but not difficult or time-consuming to make, and they pair well with lighter appetizers. Bacon-wrapped dates also have an impressive presentation and smell amazing when they come out of the oven. Start with our Perth country double smoked pork bacon and enjoy this festive treat. Trust us, people will be asking for the recipe! Here it is.

Charcuterie wreath

This is what you prepare when you want to serve something delicious and aesthetically pleasing—it’s just as delicious as it looks, and it’s easy to make ahead of time. Olliffe has all of the high quality cured meats you’ll need to pull off this dish. If you want to skip the bocconcini, consider using cubes of soft or firm artisan cheeses. A drizzle of balsamic reduction would be a great addition, or you could use fresh melon instead of tomatoes if you prefer. Here’s the recipe.

French dip squares

A classic French dip sandwich, but in a bite-sized package that’s perfect for holiday parties. This unexpected app takes a little extra prep work (caramelizing onions is never fast!) but it’s worth it. Stop by Olliffe to grab some delicious sliced roast beef and your favourite horseradish (it’s not in the recipe, but it pairs beautifully with this app). You could also add thinly sliced mushrooms to the caramelized onions if you’d like. Here’s the recipe.

Sausage balls with ranch dip

Here’s another unexpected recipe that’s perfect for the festive season. Using our mild Italian pork sausage and your favourite biscuit mix, you’re going to love serving these delicious sausage balls at your next holiday party. They’re savoury, dippable and delicious—a win with both adults and kids. Don’t forget the ranch. Here’s the recipe.

Thanks for reading and please call us or shop online to order your holiday favourites. Happy holidays!