Our Partners

Olliffe Butcher Shop (part of the Harvest to Gather family of companies) is proud to work with these exceptional local food producers.

Furtado Farms

Premium local cookwood

Furtado Farms are an excellent source for premium cooking and smoking Wood Chips, Chunks, Pellets, and Logs. Furtado Farms Cookwood is locally sourced, hand selected and processed in house. Their cookwood is then naturally cured and hand packaged to ensure optimal quality goes into each and every bag.

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Mad Mexican

Food for the People

Mad Mexican products are made in Toronto by a team of Mexican-Canadian artisans who love food and want to share it with their communities.

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Mountainoak Cheese Company

It's Local – It's Gouda – It's Good

Mountainoak Cheese company in Wilmot Township produces high-quality products using fresh milk from their own dairy cows. 

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Bayfield Provisions

Slow-roasted. Made by Hand.

Bayfield Provisions is a boutique granola bakery that started in the village of Bayfield, Ontario. They craft deeply flavoured small-batch granolas fresh weekly, using local gluten-free oats, local maple syrup, extra virgin olive oil and lots of good-for-you nuts, seeds & fruits. Each batch is mixed, tasted, slow-roasted and packaged by hand in Toronto's east end, before making its way to you.

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