Solar Dollar Rewards

Are you ready to earn Solar Dollars and gain access to exclusive weekly deals from Olliffe?

At Harvest to Gather, we understand that there may be a disconnect between your values, the food on your plate and the impact its production has on the environment—the result of industrialized farming. We also know that there’s a better way to produce high quality, delicious food and support a more resilient local food system.

We are trained in holistic management and are dedicated to educating the public as we promote and exemplify holistic management in farming and food production. Your Solar Dollars help make that happen—here’s how you can get started. If you have any questions, please contact us!

Gain Access to Exclusive Weekly Deals

Solar Dollar Deals are a simple, consistent way to save money when you shop with us. Once you register your account on, you’ll gain access to exclusive weekly discount codes from Olliffe. Shared by email, these codes can be used to save money on amazing local products. Here are some examples of codes we have sent in the past:

  • 20% off Ontario beef rib eye steaks
  • 40% off whole chickens

What code we send each week all depends on what currently supports our regenerative goals. Because there’s no fee to register your account and access these emails, there’s no downside—just deals! (And trust us, these deals are GOOD.)

About Solar Dollar Rewards

Solar Dollars are earned with every purchase you make at participating Harvest to Gather retail stores (VG Meats, Rowe Farms, Olliffe Butcher Shop). They’re meant to help you unlock a journey towards a more resilient future—think of them as a tool that allows you to take control of your impact on the planet, your community and the economy. You can redeem your Solar Dollars for online or in-store discounts on your favourite products as well as exclusive experiences like farm tours, where you'll see firsthand how your choices can make a positive impact on the ecology of Ontario.

How do I earn Solar Dollars?

There are a few ways you can earn Solar Dollars. Once you’ve registered your account, you’ll earn them every time you shop at one of our retail stores. For every dollar you spend, you'll earn one Solar Dollar. You can earn additional Solar Dollars by completing any of the tasks below.

Make a Purchase 1 Solar Dollar per $1.00 spend
Like us on Facebook 20 Solar Dollars
Follow us on Instagram 20 Solar Dollars
Follow us on Twitter 10 Solar Dollars


How do I redeem my Solar Dollars?

  • To redeem Solar Dollars, simply visit any Harvest to Gather online storefront (VG MeatsRowe FarmsOlliffe butcher shop) and log into your rewards account by clicking the Solar Dollars pop up located in the bottom right corner of the website.
  • Click on the Solar Dollar Rewards tab.
  • Select the Reward you are interested in, and click the redeem button.

Please note that your Solar Dollars will be debited from your account balance immediately upon adding a reward to your cart—please don’t complete this action until you’re ready to redeem!

How can I use my Solar Dollars?

Are you ready to spend those hard-earned Solar Dollars? Great news! You can use them to unlock exclusive rewards like retail rewards, farm tours, holistic management training and more. Get ready to level up your food game while making a positive impact on the planet. We’ll be adding more rewards options as the program grows, so stay tuned!


$5 OFF 500
$10 OFF 1000
10% OFF 8000



Send someone to/take the Holistic Financial Planning course 2000
Send someone to/take the Holistic Planned Grazing course 2000
Send someone to/take the Holistic Land Planning course 2000
Send someone to/take the Holistic Ecological Monitoring course 2000
Access a One-Day Holistic Management Overview 1500
Baseline Ecological Monitoring by Ecosystem Hub 40,000


I had no idea there was such variance between farms regarding soil, grass, bugs etc. I loved learning that literally every choice the farmer makes causes a reaction that can affect the other variables. I loved seeing the pastured chickens and learning about why they are different colours and why they get moved so often.