A message of thanks from Olliffe

A message of thanks from Olliffe

Thanksgiving always reminds us how important it is to pause from our busy lives, be mindful and practice gratitude. Today, we’d like to do just that—and you’re a part of it! Our team would like to take a moment to express our gratitude to customers for supporting our local, independent butcher shop. We are thankful to everyone who shops with us, puts our delicious local products on their family’s table, or tells their friends and neighbours about Olliffe. Thank you so much—we appreciate your support and hope you know that by shopping with us, you’re contributing to a stronger, more resilient food system here in Ontario. That’s something to feel good about today and always!

Happy Thanksgiving

As we reflect on all of the good in our lives, it always starts with family—our children, partners, parents and other loved ones who mean the world to us. We’re also grateful for our wonderful staff and the incredible Toronto community we’re a part of. Each and every day, we’re thankful for the opportunity to share high quality, delicious, local food that is produced in a way that reflects our values. We hope to continue doing this for years to come, and are dedicated to leaving this place a little better than we found it.

As we enjoy an incredible holiday meal this weekend, we’ll continue to reflect on these thoughts and more. There is much to be thankful for, and we do our best to recognize that throughout the year. We hope you can do the same!

A note for customers

What’s a holiday weekend without a few last-minute things to take care of? Life can be pretty hectic and you don’t always have time to plan ahead—we’ve all been there. Please call us to inquire about the availability of fresh turkeys, smoked hams, Ontario beef roasts and other holiday favourites. We also have prepared items available for your convenience (please note that prepared dishes must be reserved ahead of time).


Thank you again for shopping local and supporting our independent business this holiday season. From all of us at Olliffe, Happy Thanksgiving!