An Easter dinner guide from Olliffe

An Easter dinner guide from Olliffe

In just over two weeks, you’ll be enjoying a delicious holiday meal with your loved ones. Some families have tried and true menus they keep year after year, but others are hosting for the first time or looking to switch things up. If you’re mulling over what to serve on Easter Sunday, we’ve got a simple guide to help inspire your holiday meal. Thanks for shopping local and supporting regenerative food—if you have any questions, please contact us!

First, choose your main course

The centre of every holiday dinner is typically the main protein. For Easter, we suggest a traditional roast turkey or glazed ham, but you can also serve a prime rib roast or other family favourite. It’s perfectly acceptable to serve two different meats—we recommend turkey and ham or turkey and prime rib, but other pairings will work if you prepare them well and offer complementary side dishes.

In addition to fresh whole turkeys, delicious roasts and more, Olliffe is pleased to offer an excellent selection of restaurant quality dishes that are ready to heat and serve. Our Easter menu includes:

  • Roast turkey
  • Rolled porchetta
  • Red-wine braised beef brisket
  • Beef bourguignon pot pie
  • Saucy chicken puttanesca

These exceptional dishes are offered in family-size portions for your convenience and are just some of the menu items we’re offering this year—please call, email or visit our butcher shop to learn more or place your order.

Next, select some sides

Once you’ve selected a main course, plan your sides accordingly. We recommend starting with a great potato (mashed, baked, scalloped or roasted) as well as a few different vegetables. Try to offer a nice variety in colour, texture and flavour—for example, roasted brussels sprouts with mashed sweet potatoes and yellow beans sauteed with garlic. If you’re cooking your Easter dinner from scratch, here are a few recipes to inspire your side dishes:

If you’d like to serve a delicious meal without spending your Easter Sunday in the kitchen, we’d be pleased to help. Olliffe offers delicious, ready-to-serve side dishes including creamy scalloped potatoes, roasted golden beets, sauteed green beans, roasted heritage carrots, roasted brussels sprouts and our classic mashed potatoes. We also offer several types of stuffing, fresh salads and more. Again, please contact us to place your order!

Finally, plan your finishing touches

A few quick reminders and you’ll be ready to start shopping. Fresh rolls or a warm baguette is a must at any holiday meal (don’t forget to bring the butter to room temperature before you serve dinner). For dessert, consider a delicious pie, a platter of cookies and squares, or a simple scoop of ice cream or gelato. Be sure to have lots of coffee and tea on hand. If you’re serving alcohol, consider picking up some craft beer and local wine before the holiday weekend. Sparking water is an excellent non-alcoholic alternative for your guests.

Thank you for shopping local, choosing regenerative food and supporting our traditional butcher shop. We’re glad to be a part of your family’s holiday and hope you have a wonderful Easter!