Get long weekend ready with Olliffe!

Get long weekend ready with Olliffe!

The first long weekend of the season is here and we’re ready to enjoy it! Whether you’re heading north, taking it easy at home or planning a BBQ here in the city, Olliffe has everything you need for an excellent Victoria Day weekend that’s packed with delicious, high quality local food.

We know every family has their favourite products for the campfire or the grill, but we’ve made a list to inspire anyone who’s looking for long weekend meal ideas. We look forward to seeing you in store soon—our team would be pleased to assist you.

What to pack for the campground

Whether you’re setting up a tent in the woods, by the lake or in your own backyard (we’ve seen families with young children introduce camping this way!), you’re going to want a good meal this weekend. Here are some products to fill your cooler with:

What to pack for the cottage

Cottages can be simple and rustic or have a fully-equipped kitchen, but in either case, using the BBQ is key. Here are a few products we recommend for the cottage:

Backyard BBQ favourites

Anything goes for a long weekend BBQ—you can cook up some classic beef burgers and hot dogs, grilled chicken breasts or another summer favourite—but we’ve got a few things to add to that list.

No matter how you spend the long weekend, we hope you get to enjoy it with good friends, family and delicious local food. Happy Victoria Day, everyone!