Let us pack your cooler for the cottage!

Let us pack your cooler for the cottage!

Next week marks the first official day of summer but since the May long weekend has come and gone, many of us have already ventured up to the cottage or visited a favourite local campground. These weekend trips often involve packing a cooler full of your family’s favourite foods—a simple but time-consuming task that involves meal planning, shopping, cleaning and chilling your cooler, packing it and loading it into the car…all while you’re busy trying to get out of town. 

Knowing how bustling our customers' lives can be, we’re introducing a premium service to expedite this process—and there’s no added cost. The next time you place an order with Olliffe for your weekend away, let us pack your cooler. We’d be glad to do it!

How this service works

Olliffe is pleased to offer this convenient, turnkey service to customers. Here’s how it works:

  1. Drop off your cooler at our Yonge Street butcher shop and let us know you’ll be placing an order to fill it.
  2. Place your order online, by phone or in person when dropping off your cooler.
  3. Let us know exactly how you want your products packaged—for example, individually vacuum-sealed steaks, packages with two chicken breasts each, etc.
  4. Our team will clean your cooler on site so it’s fresh and ready to go.
  5. We’ll chill your cooler in our industrial refrigerator so it’s ready to keep those delicious local products fresh (a chilled cooler is a lot more effective than one that’s been sitting in your basement or garage).
  6. When your order is ready, we’ll pack your cooler with those custom-packaged products. Your cooler will then be placed back in our fridge until you’re ready for it.
  7. When you arrive to pick up your cooler, our team will load it into your car for you. Let us do the heavy lifting!

It’s that simple! We hope this service makes your next cottage weekend or camping trip a little more convenient (and extra delicious). If you have any questions about how this works or if you’d like personalized product recommendations, just ask! We’ve got everything from steaks and burgers to kebabs, chicken breasts, pork chops and more. Our team would be glad to speak with you.

Thanks for shopping local

Thanks for shopping local and supporting regenerative food—we hope you enjoy every bite. If you’re ready to place an order, please visit us in store, give us a call or shop online at Olliffe.ca. We look forward to serving you!