Olio Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 1 Litre


There are a few essential secrets to making good olive oil; the stony soil, wild and rough; the piedmont climate that keeps down parasites and pests; the precious varieties of ancient olive trees; a business organization that allows controlling the entire production process.

The land, at the foot of the Maiella, hosts cysts and brooms, thyme and juniper and the scent of wild plants. Only olive trees can grow in the rubble of limestone that the mountain has sent downhill.

They produce their oil from the varieties Gentile di Chieti and Intosso; an extra virgin oil that scents and tastes sweet and fruity, a great harmony with the characteristic taste of almonds. They are harvesting the olives early before fully ripened and processing the fruits at cold extraction right away without delays.

The oil is veiled and this remains for a long time, as it's not filtered but naturally decanted. The oil contains in suspension pulp particles that maintain the scent of fresh olives; it, therefore, may show traces of sediment.

We recommend keeping it at a temperature between 12 and 25 degrees celsius to preserve its quality, away from direct light.

Product of Italy.

1 Litre