Olliffe's Reserve: 30-Day Aged Beef Tenderloin Roast from Norfolk County


Experience the epitome of culinary excellence with Olliffe Butchers' Reserve 30-Day Aged Beef Tenderloin Roast—a masterpiece exclusively reserved for our discerning customers. Sourced from the fertile fields of Norfolk County and handpicked by our skilled butchers, this tenderloin roast is a symphony of tenderness, marbling, and regenerative farming heritage.

Choose from 2 lb (feeds 3-5 people) or 4 lb (feeds 6-9 people). This product comes uncooked.

Key Features:

  • 30-Day Aging Elegance: Revel in the luxurious tenderness and enhanced flavour profile that only 30 days of meticulous aging can provide. Our Beef Tenderloin Roast is a testament to the art of patient craftsmanship, ensuring a dining experience beyond compare.
  • Locally Sourced Splendor: Proudly supporting our local community, this tenderloin roast hails from Norfolk County—a region renowned for its agricultural richness. This commitment to locality guarantees freshness and a connection to the land.
  • Handpicked by Skilled Butchers: Our artisans, driven by passion and expertise, carefully select each tenderloin roast for its exceptional tenderness and marbling. It's a dedication to precision and quality that defines Olliffe Butchers.
  • Exquisite Marbling: Delight in the intricate marbling that graces our Beef Tenderloin Roast—a true work of culinary art. The fine veins of fat contribute to the buttery texture and rich flavour that sets this premium cut apart.
  • Regenerative Farming Heritage: Enriched by the regenerative farming practices of local producers, our Beef Tenderloin Roast reflects a commitment to ethical and sustainable agriculture. It's a conscious choice that resonates with the principles of both quality and environmental responsibility.

This Reserve 30-Day Aged Beef Tenderloin Roast is an invitation to a dining experience that transcends the ordinary. Secure your reservation today and elevate your culinary journey with the exceptional flavours and heritage of Olliffe Butchers.