Olliffe's Reserve: 30-Day Aged Prime Rib Roast from Norfolk County


Choose from 6 lb (feeds 4-5 people), 12 lb (feeds 8-10 people), 15lb (feeds 11-14 people) or custom weight. Hand-tied. This product comes uncooked.

Savour the extraordinary with Olliffe Butchers' Reserve 30-Day Aged Prime Rib Roast—a culinary masterpiece reserved exclusively for our patrons. Meticulously sourced from the verdant pastures of Norfolk County, this prime rib roast is more than just beef; it's a celebration of local heritage and regenerative farming practices.

Key Features:

  • 30-Day Aging Perfection: Luxuriate in the tenderness and depth of flavour that comes with our carefully aged Prime Rib Roast. A 30-day journey of maturation enhances the meat, ensuring each bite is a symphony of succulence and richness.
  • Locally Sourced Excellence: Proudly supporting our local community, we've selected this prime beef from the heart of Norfolk County. It's a commitment to freshness and sustainability, ensuring you receive the best our region has to offer.
  • Handpicked by Skilled Butchers: Our seasoned butchers, driven by passion and skill, meticulously select each Prime Rib Roast. Their expertise ensures that only cuts showcasing exceptional tenderness and marbling make it to your table.
  • Exquisite Marbling: Marvel at the intricate marbling that adorns our Prime Rib Roast—a true work of art. These fine veins of fat contribute to the unparalleled flavor and juiciness that defines this premium cut.
  • Regeneratively Raised: The journey of our Prime Rib Roast begins with local farmers practicing regenerative farming—a sustainable approach that nurtures the land and produces beef of exceptional quality. It's a commitment to ethical and environmentally conscious sourcing.
  • Exclusive to Olliffe: This Prime Rib Roast is not just beef; it's an exclusive offering reserved specifically for Olliffe Butchers. It's a testament to our dedication to providing you with an unmatched culinary experience.

Elevate your dining occasions with Olliffe's Reserve 30-Day Aged Prime Rib Roast. Reserve yours today and relish in the extraordinary flavours born from a harmonious blend of local heritage and culinary craftsmanship.