Get ready for Mother’s Day with Olliffe

Get ready for Mother’s Day with Olliffe

In many ways, April feels like a month of change and transition as we shake off the last, lingering thoughts of winter and begin to fully embrace spring. We’re cooking outdoors, putting away our winter jackets for the third (and hopefully final) time and making plans for the beautiful spring and summer months ahead. But while you’re soaking up those much-needed rays of sunshine and anticipating the first long weekend of the season, don’t forget what comes first: Mother’s Day. This year, it falls on Sunday, May 14th (just over two weeks from today).

Olliffe has a few ideas to help you plan a delicious meal that says, thanks for everything, Mom. And of course, it all starts with delicious, high quality local meat from our traditional butcher shop.

Breakfast and brunch

Some moms love breakfast in bed while others want to sleep in and enjoy brunch a little later in the day. In any case, Mother’s Day can begin with a delicious morning meal. Here’s a quick shopping list to start with:

A special dinner

Mother’s Day dinner can be anything, really: her favourite comfort food, a family BBQ or an elegant meal that marks the special occasion. What you cook should depend on what the women of honour in your life would most enjoy. Here are a few ideas:

Be sure to pick up a delicious dessert and her favourite wine, craft beer or local cider along with your groceries. Cheers!

A few final reminders

As much as we love good food, we know there’s a lot more to Mother’s Day than brunch or dinner. Be sure to have a heartfelt card, some flowers and/or a thoughtful gift that the special mom in your life will love. It’s all about making her feel recognized, cared for and appreciated—so spend a little time planning and make it a truly special day.

Thanks for reading and if you’d like personalized product recommendations, please visit Olliffe on Yonge Street in Toronto. Our team of expert butchers would be pleased to assist you.