Prepared Foods Menu for Super Bowl LV 2021

Prepared Foods Menu for Super Bowl LV 2021

This year Super Bowl LV will take place on Sunday, February 7th. You can order from our special prepared foods menu by phone 416-928-0296 or email Just tell us what you would like, how many people / servings and what time you would like to pick up.

Order before Wednesday Feb 3rd.


Buffalo - Dusted, Flash Baked wings, tossed in the classic butter and Franks Red Hot sauce Hott(ish)
Honey Garlic- Dusted, Flash baked wings, tossed in honey, garlic, hoisin, soy, teriyaki sauce. Mild

Medium Sriracha - Dusted, Flash baked wings. Sweetened with brown sugar. Medium 

Curry Curry - Chef Ravi’s spin of our classic football favourite dish. Hot

All wings $17/lb


BBQ Beef Ribs - Before cooking our butchers cut the ribs in half to more “bite-sized” manageable portions. Sauced with Olliffe BBQ Honey Garlic $12.50/ea

Baby Back Ribs - Not your typical fall-off-the-bone baby boiled ribs. Slow roasted and tender but toothsome, with our BBQ Honey Garlic sauce $22.50/ea

Veal Riblets - Boneless riblets from our premium white veal racks. With maple dijon sticky sauce $30/lb

Olliffe BBQ Chicken - Our famous chicken rubbed with crushed thyme, crushed bay leaf, smoked paprika, garlic, salt, pepper & EVOO. Sold whole or in pieces $9/lb

Chicken Lollipops - Frenched drumsticks with sweet chilli sauce and Franks Red Hot $14/lb


Championship Chili - No beans in this chili only prime striploin steak and classic chili flavours $20/500ml serving

Pulled Pork - Smoked Tamworth pork pulled apart tender. Plain or sauced with Olliffe BBQ $16/lb


Caesar Salad - The King! $13.99, serves 2-4
Greek Salad - Peppers, Olives, Feta, Greek Dressing $13.99, serves 2-4
Coleslaw - Cabbage and shredded carrots mixed with a mayonnaise based creamy dressing. Champagne vinegar, salt and pepper. 500 ml / $10


Super Bowl LV Menu